Promise to 'fight the corner of junior doctors'

Stephen McAleer has been elected chair of the BMA Northern Ireland junior doctors committee.

Dr McAleer will take over from Chris Hoo who oversaw work on several developments for junior doctors in Northern Ireland, including the announcement of plans for a single lead employer for junior doctors. 

He has been a member of NIJDC since September 2014 and is the former chair of the BMA Northern Ireland medical students committee.

He is a clinical fellow in critical care medicine in the regional intensive care unit at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

Speaking about his appointment, Dr McAleer said: ‘I am pleased and grateful to be elected as the new chair of NIJDC.

‘I also want to extend my deepest thanks to the outgoing chair, Dr Hoo, for his tireless work on NIJDC. I wish him the very best for the future.

‘I look forward to leading NIJDC on the ongoing work we have been doing on behalf of junior doctors in Northern Ireland over the past few years, including the roll out of a single, lead employer by August 2019.

‘This is a crucial time for the health service in Northern Ireland. We have fewer junior doctors than ever working in an increasingly pressurised environment that is in dire need of the transformation as outlined in the Bengoa report.

‘Without a functioning devolved government to take this transformation forward, myself and my colleagues on NIJDC will do all we can to fight the corner of junior doctors working across Northern Ireland.

‘I am keen to hear your thoughts on what the committee needs to do to support you as members over the 2018/19 session, so please feel free to email me via Hilary Nesbitt at

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