New blood pledge to fight for the profession

Four new leaders in the BMA in Scotland have pledged to fight for the profession at a crucial time for doctors and the NHS.

Bernie Scott is the new chair of the BMA Scottish staff, associate specialist and specialty doctor committee; Lewis Hughes BMA Scottish junior doctors committee chair and Cory Stratton and David Clayton are co-chairs of the BMA Scottish medical students committee.

Dr Scott, a specialty doctor in sexual health, working at Sandyford in Glasgow, said it was a key time for the profession.

‘There is a great deal of anger among SAS doctors, in particular those in more senior roles, with the Scottish Government’s ill-judged recent pay award,’ he said.

‘Ensuring that the contributions that SAS doctors bring to Scotland’s NHS are better recognised will be a priority for me during my time as chair.

Dr Hughes, a foundation doctor working in Lothian, said that while good progress had been made in Scotland on issues including post night-shift rest periods and moving to a single lead employer for junior doctors, there was much still to do.

‘In particular, securing an end to fixed leave and improving the provision of rest and catering facilities for junior doctors in Scotland will be a priority for me,’ he added.

Mr Stratton, a third-year medical student at St Andrews, and Mr Clayton, a final year medical student at Glasgow, said they were delighted to be elected as co-chairs.

Mr Clayton added: ‘The Scottish MSC will be fighting for a number of improvements to student welfare related to finance and mental health in the coming year and for real progress in addressing barriers to widening access to medicine.

‘Alongside this, improvements to equality and diversity strategies within medical schools are one of our key priorities for this year.’

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