Aqualipo: Now Better Than Ever Before

Aqualipo® is the revolution in fat removal and body contouring. It combines the gentle power of water with the precision of advanced laser technology to get rid of the most stubborn pockets of fat. For a sculpted stomach, thighs, arms, bra bulges, chin, and neck, or even beautifully smooth and tight skin, the new Aqualipo is your ticket.

NuBody Concepts has been the exclusive Aqualipo provider in Tennessee since 2011. With over 7,000 procedures performed, we are the #1 Aqualipo provider in the United States. Our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. John Rosdeutscher, has practiced plastic surgery in the Nashville area for over 20 years. He has not only helped women and men with their body contouring goals, but also with a range of other cosmetic procedures, such as tummy tucks, breast augmentation, and his signature fast-recovery facelifts. 

We understand that when it comes to body sculpting, you have a wide range of offerings to choose from. Newer alternatives such as CoolSculpting or SculpSure have created a lot of interestbecause they are new and promising. But we have taken a long look at such fat freezing as well as fat burning techniques, and we are confident that our patients continue to be best served with our Aqualipo procedure. It creates real, natural-looking results, and it is fast and gentle with almost no downtime. Most patients return to work or their daily activities within two days of their procedure. Best of all, Aqualipo body contouring requires no repeat treatments. It is a one-time procedure after which you leave our plastic surgery center with your fat permanently gone.

While achieving the best results for our patients is our number one goal, another is affordability. Not only should you walk out of our office with less fat than you came with, you should be able to do so without breaking the bank. In collaboration with Alpheaon Credit, we offer financing plans starting at $99/month for any liposuction procedure performed at our Brentwood office. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! When you come in for a personal consultation, we will help you submit your credit application on the spot.

So how about that annoying muffin top? That belly pouch? Or those bothersome saddlebags? Sure, you can slave away at the gym and starve yourself pursuing the latest diet. But why not make it easy on yourself and try Aqualipo instead? Amanda, one of our patients, can tell you how long it takes:

“I literally went in on my lunch break and two hours later I had a flat stomach. It would have taken me a year to achieve that in the gym!”

We have nothing against gyms. They are great for your well-being, and they can even be fun. But you know what’s more fun than going to the gym in your baggy sweatpants and t-shirt to hide your belly and thighs? Going to the gym in your tight yoga pants that reveal your curves in all the right places!

Aqualipo Body Contouring will give you awesome curves that will make you proud. After Aqualipo, you’ll step out of your house and into the world with newfound confidence. And as a bonus, you’ll be super motivated to adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain that great new body of yours.

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