Philips Trilogy Evo Portable Ventilator Platform Makes Transitions Easy

Being on a ventilator can be a frightening experience for many patients, and switching between different ventilators for transport, or when going home, can be emotionally challenging as well. To make transitions such as these easier for patients and clinicians, and to provide users the confidence that they’re receiving consistent and closely monitored care, Philips is releasing a new ventilator platform called Trilogy Evo.

The system consists of similar ventilators that essentially differ in their interfaces, specifically in terms of whether they’re intended to be used in the hospital or at the patient’s home. When at home, the ventilator is connected to Philips’ Care Orchestrator platform through a Qualcomm cellular hub. Using Care Orchestrator, clinicians can receive warnings or notifications issued by the Trilogy Evo and can change its settings remotely to adjust to the patient’s needs.

Because the same connections, similar interfaces, and setups are used on all the Trilogy Evo ventilators, transitions are easy and painless. A USB stick can be used to transfer settings from one Evo to another, or a clinician can simply manually copy over the mode being used and its settings. If a patient needs to have changes made, the clinical team can always make those remotely and they will take effect on the patient’s at-home ventilator immediately.

The device has an impressive 15 hours of battery life built-in, plus it has a dock on the back to snap on an additional battery. Since this additional battery is hot-swappable, the Evo can have run indefinitely on battery power.

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