Why You Should Use A Trusted Dentist For Your Dental Implants

Cutting corners on medical procedures could very easily backfire, says Dr Edward Sammut.

Choosing to have dental implants is understandably a major decision for most people. The cost implications and the invasive procedure involved means that people don’t take this decision lightly.

Almost without exception though, patients of Blue Sky Dental  tell us, at a later date, that it has changed their life in many different, but positive, ways. Because it is a complex procedure, that may stretch your budget a little however, it is important that the correct choices are made.

One of the biggest factors for many people is the cost of teeth implants. It isn’t the cheapest method of replacing missing teeth, but does offer a large number of benefits over cheaper treatments like bridges or dentures. Implants are though, actually good value for money, and whilst there may be an initial outlay; with good care, dental implants can last for well over twenty years, whereas dentures and the like may sometimes need replacing a few times in the same time period.

Getting it right

A major concern of implant dentists in the UK, are the advertisements that some patients may see about having your implants placed cheaply abroad. Many of these are at a significantly reduced price and some even throw in flights and hotels too! Unfortunately, the old saying that if it sounds too good to be a bargain, then it probably is, almost certainly applies here.

For the benefit of any of our Chelmsford patients who may be considering taking up one of these offers, here are a few good reasons why you possibly shouldn’t.

Qualifications and experience

If you have your implants placed by the team at Blue Sky Dental, or any UK practice, you can be sure that the treatment will be carried out by someone who has undergone years of additional training and has the relevant qualifications. Can you be sure that this the case when you go abroad to an unfamiliar dental practice? Standards and qualifications can vary from country to country and it may well be that they are not experienced, or even worse; you could even be their very first patient! Precise dental implant placement is a complex procedure and cutting corners in this way could potentially have a very bad outcome. There have also been a few instances noted of people travelling to have a single implant placed, only to be ‘pressured’ into have more extensive treatment when they get there.

Language and understanding

Although English is widely spoken in many parts of the world, most patients like to feel that they can have a proper conversation with their dentist. You may have quite a lot of questions to ask, which may not translate as well as you would like. It is also important that both patient and dentist can communicate effectively during the procedure itself. This should make the procedure pass with less stress and provide a better outcome.

Cheap dental implants

Dental implants are produced using precise technology and are made from titanium, a very expensive metal. For implants to bond effectively with the bone into which they are placed, titanium must be used, and there is currently no substitute which works as well. Cheaper materials or inferior implant designs simply will not bond as well. This is a critical part of the treatment, and if it fails, the whole procedure fails. Given the heavily reduced prices offered by some of these practices abroad, there is a strong possibility that part of the cost cutting has been achieved by using cheaper and inferior implants. You may pay less initially, but if your implant fails, it will be a false economy, and possibly a very painful one too.

Post treatment support

Dental implants have a very high success rate, but this does not mean that they can’t fail. Not only is it essential that a fully trained professional carries out the procedure, but ongoing monitoring is also essential, especially if problems arise.  These, as we have previously indicated, are probably more likely to occur where cheaper treatment is offered. In addition to monitoring the health of the implant itself, there are also other diseases such as peri-implantitis, which can cause the implant to fail.

If you have travelled abroad to have your implant placed, any savings that you may have made will soon be wiped out if you need to travel back there for aftercare. It is also worth saying that if a problem has arisen due to lack of experience of the implant dentist, you are unlikely to put much faith in them to correct a problem. Additionally, many UK dentists are also reluctant to offer aftercare if the treatment has been carried out ‘on the cheap’ elsewhere.

Stay in the UK

Although we may not be able to match the prices of some of these special offers, we can assure you that our Chelmsford implant dentists are fully trained and highly experienced, offering you a safe and effective treatment. Even though the costs may initially be higher, these can be spread over a period of time using one of our payment plans. If you have been thinking about having teeth implants and are tempted to take up a special offer abroad, we would encourage you to have a free initial no obligation consultation at Blue Sky Dental first. Also, keep an eye open on our special offers page, you may even save yourself some money in the process!

To arrange your initial implant consultation, or to book any appointment at Blue Sky Dental, you can call us on 01245 211070. Our team are on hand to welcome you!

Dr Edward Sammut is a member of the International Team of Implantology (GDC 84113)

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