Winnebago Unveils All-Electric CT Lung Screening Truck

Winnebago, the famous maker of motorhomes, campers, and other recreational vehicles, has partnered with Samsung‘s health division and Motiv Power Systems, a California-based manufacturer of electric motors for cars and trucks, to create a fully electric mobile lung screening unit. Inside the quiet and environmentally friendly truck is a Samsung Neurologica BodyTom 32-slice CT scanner, itself battery powered and originally developed to be movable between different hospital wards.

Because the truck has enough battery storage to power its systems while parked and screening patient lungs, it doesn’t idle as a gasoline or diesel powered truck would have to and so doesn’t create the accompanying smell and emissions. It does take a while to recharge the vehicle, with 75 percent capacity of the batteries filling up in about four hours. Yet, it does have enough juice for eight hours of screening patients plus up to 125 miles of driving from a full charge.

“We are proud to help increase access to life-saving lung cancer screenings in the clean, quiet and emissions free environment of the first all-electric Mobile Lung Unit,” in a statement said Ashis Bhattacharya, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Development, and leader of Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicles Division. “As states provide incentives and broaden anti-idling laws, we expect the medical community to adopt the customizable all-electric community outreach vehicle for a variety of functions, such as lung cancer screening, asthma management and support, blood donation, dentistry or primary care.”

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