Veta Smart Case for Epinephrine Auto Injectors Now Available

Aterica, a Canadian company, is releasing its Veta smart case for epinephrine auto injectors (think EPIPEN). The device works in conjunction with a paired app to track usage of an auto-injector, as well as to monitor its location, its temperature, and expiration dates.

The Veta is used in place of the standard cases that auto injectors come with, and it’s not much larger than the simple plastic holders that don’t have all the electronics of the Veta.

Some of the features of the device according to the manufacturer:

  • Removal Alerts to indicate when the auto-injector is removed from Veta Smart Case as well as sharing information about the user’s location to the user’s support circle
  • Separation Alerts to notify when the auto-injectors have been left behind
  • FindMe Locator to locate misplaced auto-injectors quickly and easily using a map and by activating the smart case’s flashing lights and beeping sounds
  • Temperature Monitor to notify the user when the auto-injector’s temperature is not within the range set by the user
  • Expiry Watch to warn about approaching expiry dates that could affect the integrity of epinephrine inside the auto-injector
  • Support Circles that allow individuals and families to stay connected to support someone living with anaphylaxis and provide comfort and assistance in the event of a reaction

Here’s a promo video from Aterica presenting the Veta:

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