4 Facts About Popular Invisalign Orthodontics

Denist checking fit of Invisalign trayInvisalign seems to be everywhere these days, and it’s not just Invisalign anymore. There are numerous look-alike clear braces orthodontic treatments available. In fact, Invisalign is so popular that there are non-professional companies trying to sell clear braces treatments. It’s never advisable to proceed with orthodontic treatment without the supervision of trained professional. Before you jump into Invisalign or another clear braces treatment without all the facts, take a few moments to read this post. Then, reach out to a trusted Invisalign provider to schedule a consultation.

1 – It Will Still Hurt – A Little

Many patients think that there will be no discomfort with Invisalign treatment. Unfortunately, this is not exactly true. bracket and wire braces can irritate or damage soft tissue in addition to creating discomfort during tooth movement. Invisalign trays are smooth, preventing irritation to soft tissue, and they place less pressure on teeth, so patients are typically more comfortable during Invisalign treatments than they are throughout the course of traditional orthodontic treatment.

2 – You May Still Need “Brackets”

Most people don’t realize that Invisalign treatment isn’t completed entirely without brackets. Traditional braces use wires attached to brackets to place pressure and move teeth. Rather than metal brackets, the Invisalign system uses tooth-colored composite attachments that attach to pieces inside the alignment trays to increase the pressure on certain teeth. These attachments are removed following treatment.

3 – You May Still Need to Use Elastics

For patients with severe alignment concerns like over, under, and crossbite, you may still need to use elastics. Traditionally, elastics are attached to brackets to move the entire row of teeth at one time, but for Invisalign patients, clear or tooth-colored buttons are attached to the teeth to provide the same pressure to reposition the entire bite.

4 – It’s Always Best to Visit a Trusted Dentist

No matter what you see on your television or find out online, clear braces systems that are not administered under the supervision of a trained professional are not an effective treatment option. Patients are likely to experience ineffective or less effective treatment compared with doctor administered treatments. This could cost additional time and money in the long run, as patients are more likely to need retreatment.

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