Making These Content Strategy Mistakes? AI Can Help

We’ve all been there. Bored after one sentence of a marginally relevant marketing email, fumbling for the SKIP button while bombarded by a pre-roll Youtube video ad, and skimming through a barrage of social posts and outreach focused on an ebook that doesn’t align with your goals or responsibilities, followed by the obligatory sales rep call.

Frustrated, I’ve often muttered under my breath, “How can they expect me to buy this stuff?!”

But, as a marketer myself, I begin to self-analyze: how do our prospects and subscribers feel about the content we are producing, and the manner and degree to which we are connecting?

The term “Modern Marketer” has been thrown around for years, but the “Modern Prospect” has evolved at an equally rapid pace.

Google’s Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) perfectly captured the concept of consumers researching via their own terms and channels to ultimately build up to a buying decision, and technology during this time has continued to help marketers provide as organic and educational an experience to potential customers as possible.

While search made content easier to find and social media created communities and trumpeted posts and opinions over a larger scale, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged to help marketers read and analyze billions of pieces of content in seconds to help forge a better understanding of what resonates with coveted prospects.

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