Dow Jones Factiva news is now available in Quertle’s AI-based Qinsight™ discovery solution

Quertle is pleased to announce the availability of Dow Jones Factiva news as an optional content source in Qinsight – the premier artificial intelligence-based discovery solution. Factiva covers nearly 33,000 premium sources globally, including more than 600 newswires.

Qinsight is adding over 35,000 Factiva new articles every week – covering everything related to the biomedical field (including basic research, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and healthcare). This news provides broad insights including announcements of new products, FDA actions, and legislation – much of which does not appear in sources such as biomedical journal articles. Qinsight will maintain one year of back content for context.

With the powerful AI-based methods in Qinsight, finding relevant news has never been easier. By “understanding” the meaning of the news article text, Qinsight finds the critical stories very quickly without getting lost in long lists of often irrelevant results. And, when it comes to news about genes, compounds, and other technical terms, Qinsight‘s concept-based deep discovery really outperforms all other solutions.

Importantly, with Qinsight, finding news occurs in concert with all the other content sources – journal articles, patents, treatment protocols, NIH grants, and much more. This provides immediate context for understanding the news information.

With the availability of the Factiva content, Quertle has added new AI algorithms that support answering questions such as:

  • What companies are working on cancer immunotherapies?
  • Are there any red flags for Company X?

And, Qinsight‘s Category Map – a visual analysis of facets of the actual article meaning (as opposed to metadata) – has news-focused facets, in addition to multiple facets relevant to the broader literature, to let you quickly filter down to a topic of interest.

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