PSA: Drug Bots on Tumblr

In addition to p/ orn bots there are also some drug bots commenting on social media posts here and elsewhere. Do not buy anything from them. They are not your friend trying to help you get fun party drugs that The Man doesn’t want you to have, and they will not help anyone get affordable medicine. They are mostly just non-delivery schemes. That means they’ll just take your money and run, and probably steal your credit card number too.

Almost all online pharmacies are illegal and therefore there is no one to hold them accountable for not sending anything, or sending you whatever drug or rat poison they want. Writing the words “FDA Approved” on a website doesn’t mean that it actually is!

HOWEVER! There ARE some legal, approved pharmacies out there! (I would say “safe,” but I mean, they’re as safe as whatever drug you’re ordering.) At this time NONE are approved to sell opioids to the US. The Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies has a Verify Before You Buy site to determine if the website you’re using is real, as well as Save on My Meds that will help you find a better price, and those sites are in fact legitimate.

Stay safe!

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