No Hostages

Have you ever been over to someone’s house– a friend, or family member, or coworker– and felt like you couldn’t leave? Ever had to edge toward the door, remember any possible excuse, just to get away?

At my house we have a “No Hostage” policy.  We let visitors know that they are welcome to leave at any time. My office has the same policy. Showing up to talk does not mean signing your life away or committing to a Cadillac operation. Aside from delivering high quality surgery, my job is to inform, educate, comfort, and advise. NOT to pressure, convince, sway, finagle, or deceive. Myself, and my staff, take your concerns seriously. If I do not believe you will benefit from a specific (or any) operation, I will let you know, because I would much rather have happy, satisfied patients than more income and dissatisfaction.

Please give us the opportunity to serve you in whatever way we can. We have moved into our new office at 300 N. Willson Ave, Suite 300-C and are up and running.

Dr. McDaniel

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