The Beauty Secrets of Models Revealed!

ThinkstockPhotos-478604391 Resized 291x400Being even more beautiful than you already are will be a breeze with these easy makeup and beauty secrets!

Concealer – From combating dark circles to helping keep eyeshadow in place as a base to easing shadows, concealer is an essential weapon in your arsenal.

Bronzer – Use a light touch with this. Many women layer it on. Avoid that, instead using it to highly cheekbones, the nose, and just a touch of the forehead.

Eyeshadow – Two colors are better than one. Use a lighter colored base, then a darker version of that color blended into the crease of your eyelid to embolden your eyes.

Mascara – You get what you pay for. Don’t buy the cheap stuff.

Eyeliner – Use it. It is perhaps the most potent tool in your makeup toolbox.

Blush – Browns, blacks, and deep reds during the winter, Spanish red or chocolate brown if you have pale skin. Soft blues, pinks and greens during spring and summer.

Lipstick – Go bold! If you have pale skin, big, vibrant reds will create a head-turning look. Those with darker skin should try deep browns and dark reds.

Nail Polish – Know your skin color! Women with fair skin should stick with pink nudes and blue-based colors. White and beige nudes are ideal for women with olive skin, or colors with an orange base, such as chocolate brown, when you want to go bolder. Medium-skinned women can go deep and dark, or even to bright pinks and purples. And for women with dark skin, rich and dark reds, browns, and burgundies look great.


Exfoliate – Especially during the summer. Your pores are larger, more open, and thus more noticeable during hot, humid weather. An extra exfoliation session each week will help counteract this.

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