Sindh Health Department Dissatisfied By The Affairs Of Government Hospitals

LARKANA- The Secretary, Health Department, Government of Sindh, Dr. Muhammad Usman Chachar, has expressed serious concern over the lack of management and control within Sindh’s government hospitals.

In a letter sent to all District Officers (DHOs) and Medical Superintendents (MSs) of the province, he stated the matters that had no financial implications such as, adopting simple measures like cleanliness of premises and wards, proper garbage disposal, cleanliness and conduct of staff, procedural processing of OPD and admitted patients, storing stock register with transport disbursement of medicines and direction boards.

He emphasized on enhancing the level of performance of duties by the staff, focusing on their presence and punctuality.

Any absenteeism, absconding from government duties of any staff is to be checked by the MS or head of the health facility, and salaries should either be deducted or stopped. The concerned heads or MS will be deemed responsible, if strict actions won’t be taken by them.

The letter also emphasized over the fact that, government hospitals have been handling budgeting unfairly. Instead of necessary items for health service delivery, maintenance etc; unnecessary expenditure is being made. This practice should be stopped and expenditure should be made as per priority, to improve health service delivery.

It was also mentioned that, all MSs/In charge/Head of the Health Facilities are required to ensure strict necessary action on above lines and the supervisors from Director General Health Services Sindh and Directorates shall regularly visit and monitor the health facilities within their domain.

Copies of this letter were also sent to all Commissioners of the province, DG Health, Director, Health Services of all the division including Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Nawabshah, Larkana and Sukkur.

In the light of this letter, it was reliably learnt that, over 150 employees of Chandka Medical College Hospital that have been practicing un ethical measures by not showing up to work, are still enjoying the support of Government’s accounts office, despite having knowledge of their absence.

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