Dr. Richard Wille: “Everyone is at risk” of colon cancer

StaffAs we continue with Colon Cancer Awareness Month, we thought we’d go straight to the source for information, insight and inspiration. We want you to have the facts, understand what they mean, and be willing to fight for your health and wellness.

For more info, we asked our very own Dr. Richard Wille from the Center for Digestive Health for some insight into colon cancer and preventive methods. Number one on his list? Early detection.

“We’ve all had success stories of patients with colon cancer that we’ve found early,” said Dr. Wille. “And those patients have gone on to live long, healthy lives because of that detection.”

With regular screenings, early detection happens. And with early detection, prevention is possible.

“Coming in for a colonoscopy is worth the time and effort,” says Dr. Wille. “It’s such a short period of time to spend in order to save the rest of your life.”

While your family history plays a huge part in your chances of getting colon cancer, other factors, including diet, activity level, and even ethnicity can play a part.

“Everyone is at risk,” says Dr. Wille. “The more folks we can screen, the more deaths we can prevent.”

You should feel empowered to enlist your primary care physician for help with when and how often you should get screened. “Simply ask your doctor if you’re up to date with screenings,” says Dr. Wille.

Colon cancer affects men and women of all ages, and is the third most common type of cancer, following behind breast and lung. This awareness month is pushing toward one incredible fact – colon cancer is completely PREVENTABLE!


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