PocketECG Cardiac Rehabilitation System Helps to Get Most Out of Rehab Training

Medi-Lynx Cardiac Monitoring, part of MEDICALgorithmics, a Polish firm, won FDA clearance for its PocketECG Cardiac Rehabilitation System (CRS). The device, designed to record electrocardiography signals and to automatically spot cardiac arrhythmias, is intended to be used by patients, both high and low risk, that are undergoing rehab training.

“PocketECG CRS was built on our PocketECG arrhythmia monitoring solution platform, and includes new software and enhancements specifically designed for use during all phases of the cardiac rehabilitation process – from early mobilization during hospitalization to post-discharge and ongoing maintenance,” in a published statement said Marek Dziubinski, PhD, CEO of MEDICALgorithmics.

The patient is expected to perform prescribed physical exercises while wearing the PocketECG CRS. The device measures the heart’s activity via ECG, as well as the patient’s motion using an accelerometer, and automatically sends the data via a cellular phone network to the person’s clinical team. Based on the readings, a cardiologist, for example, can quickly look at any arrhythmias, evaluate the patient’s progress, and adjust therapy as necessary.

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