8 crowdfunded health devices you need to know


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Companies including 3M and Aura Medical are turning to the popular websites Kickstarter and Indiegogo to get their ideas crowdfunded by people who want them to come to life. The idea behind a crowdfunding website is that if you back the project and donate a certain amount of money, you’ll get something in return, oftentimes the product that is being crowdfunded.

In the past, devices like the hoseless, maskless, micro-CPAP Airing have raised over a million dollars. So, while crowdfunding has presented challenges for regulated medical devices, it has been a boon for startups to showcase some of their potentially innovative health and wellness devices to consumers.

Some of these devices raise eyebrows, of course. Do they actually work? Is there credible research to back up the technology? Are they going to run afoul of FDA? But they are nevertheless intriguing – and offer potential food for thought for medical device developers.

From devices that track your respiratory health to an artificial intelligence-powered sleep apnea tracker, here are 8 intriguing health and wellness campaigns seeking the funds to get their devices manufactured and delivered.

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