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Going to a networking event alone… – Dataemia

Going to a networking event alone…

Hey guys, a little background. I’m 23

I graduated with a B.S in bio with a chem minor

I’ve been working for almost 6 months as a project manager/business analyst in a field NOT related to science.

I was able to RSVP to a biotech networking event through a friend-BUT they are not able to attend the event with me

I don’t want to pass up the opportunity since my goal is to break into the biotech field and be involved in science from the business side

BUT I am nervous going there alone (partly because I don’t belong there-long story but the invitation was not meant for me)

My question is how should I best handle myself and what type of questions should I try to ask people?

The goal is to come out with a 3 year plan of that to do from this point to get into the industry.

A cherry on top would be to make connections that could lead to a job/interview down the line but that’s a high bar to set

Please let me know what you think!

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