Differentiating Morus Nigra from Morus Rubra in the wild?

I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Apparently Morus Rubra is an endangered species in Canada with only 200 trees estimated to be living in just a few areas… around Hamilton… a bit further southwest in a park called Point Pelee… and a bit further east around the Niagara region.

I love to hike, and this year I found at least 20 trees in the Hamilton area that produce delicious dark black/purple fruit right about now.

I’m trying to figure out if they’re Morus Rubra (Red Mulberry) or Morus Nigra (Black Mulberry) and I’m having a hard time finding pretty much any information about them.

How can I tell? Where should I look?

Would taking leave cutties/posting pictures of the berries help?

I’ve definitely identified the invasive white mulberry trees in the area but that was easy… their ripe berries are white and their leaves are randomly disfigured.

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