Analyst Position — What are my honest chances?

Hey all! First time poster on this sub so I apologize if this is in the wrong spot.

I graduated from a state university last year at the age of 22 with a BS in cellular molecular bio and a BA in psychology. My GPA was pretty low — a cumulative of 3.1. I was doing double degree courseload (I blame my indecisiveness more than anything) in addition to working two jobs and dancing for a ballet company, but really I was just being lazy with my education. The consequences didn’t really hit me until now.

There are very few cellular biology jobs available where I live. Most of the sciences in my area are the naturals e.g. fisheries/wildlife/environmental/marine. Due to the recent legalization of cannabis however, there have been quite a few firms popping up with lab technician positions.

I really would like to apply and get a job as a lab analyst for a local firm that just merged with EVIO Labs, a larger Bay Area testing company. They’re hiring it looks like only one analyst in the area at the moment and I’m worried about the competition and my chances at getting it. I’ve been watching the job listings for months and this is the first “entry-level” (as in fresh outta college with your BS) I’ve seen.

What are my chances of getting this position? I don’t have any letters of recommendations from my professors. I have two who offered to be references awhile ago, but I tried to recently contact them with no luck to ask them to be references again. I have no outside experience in the field.

Even if they’re little to none I still plan to apply. I’d love any tips you might have to make my application stand out. I didn’t do well academically but I loved the subjects, especially microbiology and genetics. This position deals with a lot of mass spectrometry (definitely need to brush up on this) but also works with PCR and microbio assays. I’d feel comfortable with these techniques if I reviewed them, but it’s definitely been awhile for me since I’ve been in a lab.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I plan on applying tonight!

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