Heart Check // Week 1.

Since starting my blog two and half years ago, it has been on my heart to start some kind of weekly series. It has taken me a while to figure out what I wanted to talk about and how best to show case it. Since being more open about my health and everyday living with CHD, so many of you ask how I am doing. I also get a lot of comments from parents of heart babies who thank me for giving them hope for their child’s future and what he or she could be capable of (talk about an honor).  That alone is the sweetest and brings me joy. It got me thinking how when I was first diagnosed, I searched high and low to find people my own age (at that time I was 23) with my defect or preparing for open heart surgery. Instagram was fairly new and searching google was useless. Thanks to hashtags on social media now, finding your community is actually quite simple. Technology is pretty cool at times. However, the CHD community, as much as it can be amazing to have, it can trigger emotions and sadness because we are more aware of what is happening in our community. We see the highs, the lows and the deep pain from both adults and babies lose their battle with CHD.

So, for me this weekly series is called, “Heart Check.” The name stems from my physical heart disease, but the weekly posts will showcase more the emotional or spiritual side. It will be a time to share joys, strengths, weaknesses, beauty, clothing, health products, memories and everything or anything in between. That is the beauty of living with a chronic illness. Everything we do, use, or share becomes a part of our story. I am so excited to share with you all a glimpse into some hard weeks or some weeks where life is just so dang good!!

My hope is this weekly series feels inviting and comforting to you all.  I wish I could be sitting across from you chatting all things with a cup of coffee. Instead, my hope is this little weekly checkin builds community and support. Heck, I want to get a heart check from you too!! We learn, grow, and thrive together in the chronic illness world!

This week was the unofficial start to prepare for open heart surgery. Yikes! Can’t believe it’s in less than two months. Between some inflammation problems, dentist clearances, wrapping up grad school and trying to soak in every moment with my family and friends, the date is coming faster than I’d like it too 🙁 But, we are staying on the positive train!!!! I really have all I ever need and that alone brings a massive amount of gratitude and the will to keep going.

After some unwanted pain, you will be finding me with a wine glass of kombucha (gave up alcohol due to lasix and putting it in a wine glass makes me feel fancy) all weekend. Also, currently trying to convince my sister to bring the kiddos over for a pool day too:) This auntie is hoping she will win. HA.

Any weekend plans?

Happy Weekend, sweet friends!!

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