Seeking Advice from Successful Biotech/Pharma Professionals!

Hello fellow Redditors,

A quick “3-line” introduction of myself. I got a bachelors in Biochem/Chem (w/heavy focus in Immunology via research) and took that experience to work for academic and private sectors in regenerative medicine/stem cell tech. Eventually worked for a public company in Silicon Valley focused on immunotherapies (CAR-T, DC, IL, etc.) in the manufacturing line (QA, QC, Ops, Supply Chain, R&D) which was my dream but quickly realized it’s less holistic and systematically driven by the market as opposed to profound research. Now I work for a clinical CRO in the biz dev department… But I am still running only on bachelors (age 26) and am aiming for an MBA at top 15 schools.

My goal is to achieve an c-level executive level one day. Are there any success stories from Redditors who would like to share? At my age, I feel like my experience has been meaningful but also time consuming. I would like to learn at a much faster pace than before. Look forward to hearing from the community. Thank you.

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