CHK Administration Devices Security Strategy to Control Violence Against Doctors

KARACHI– Dr. Ruth K.M Pfau, Civil Hospital Karachi’s (CHK) administration, in collaboration with the law enforcement agencies have planned out a comprehensive strategy, in order to control the acts of violence against doctors and other staff members, within the premises of the health facility.   

A high level meeting chaired by the Additional Medical Superintendent, CHK, Dr. Arif Niaz was held at CHK to review the overall arrangements of security. AMS Security, CHK, Dr. Abdul Haq Arain, alongside hospital’s security supervisors, representatives of law enforcement agencies and other officials were a part of the meeting. 

The administrative officials expressed concern over repeated cases of violence, harassments, threatening and torture by the patient attendants during treatment of patients. The administration has decided to increase the number of security guards around the emergency department, pediatric emergency, gynecology department and other sensitive departments, where turnout of patients is considered high.

Wireless system will be launched to improve coordination between security superiors and hospital administration. Mobile numbers of security supervisors, administrative officers, rangers and police deputed in hospital will be placed outside the departments.

Ethical public awareness posters will be placed in wards and departments to improve behavior of visiting patients, attendees and doctors. No private motorcycles, cars or other vehicles will be allowed to enter the hospital without permission, while walkthrough gates will also be installed at main entrance points.

Addition Medical Superintendent, CHK, Dr. Arif Niaz, stated that incidents of violence against doctors and healthcare staff have become common; therefore a strict provision of security should be implemented. He also informed that, the administration, security supervisors and law enforcement agencies have agreed to enhance coordination amongst each other, in order to control such cases. He added that, complain boxes will also be installed outside the departments for general public and hospital staff, to keep record of their complaints against the officials if they fail to perform their assigned duties, or to inform the administration regarding any unethical practice.


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