For DIY Fireworks, Heed These 5 Tips

Fourth of July with fireworks could be one of the most fave kid days of the year. But, a do-it-yourself fireworks display at home could be a recipe for a holiday disaster.

Mishandling of fireworks can result in serious injury –such as burns to the skin or eyes–for those setting them off and those watching.

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that local fire departments respond to more than 50,000 fires/accidents caused by fireworks each year.

To avoid injury, consider taking in a professional display downtown or in one of Austin’s surrounding communities.  Check out this year’s public shows and schedules right here.

If fireworks are permitted in your neighborhood, and you do opt to do them yourself, here are some tips for your family’s safety:

1.            Never let kids light fireworks and instruct them to hold sparklers far away from their face, hair, and clothing.

2.            Always light fireworks outside in open air (never in a garage or under a porch) and keep a bucket of water and hose nearby in case of accidents.

3.            Don’t light fireworks while holding them in your hand or position your body over them. Place them on flat ground –clear of leaves and debris—and ignite them from as far away as possible or at an angle.

4.            Refrain from pointing fireworks towards people, pets, homes, cars, and trees.

5.            Discourage kids from picking up fireworks after they’ve been lit and die out, as they still could be burning hot to the touch. Enlist another adult to help clean up afterwards.

In the event of a burn, remove clothing from the affected area immediately. With an eye injury, cover the eye loosely with a bandana or temporary eye patch and get medical help right away.

For special needs children and those with sensory sensitivities enjoying fireworks along with you, offer them ear plugs and sunglasses to soften the loud noises and intense sparkling lights. 

(Courtesy of KidsHealth)

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