The Best Brazilian Butt Lift Miami

It is very fashionable to have a more pronounced and defined “derriere.”

The Best Brazilian Butt Lift Miami with Dr. Carlos Spera

It is very fashionable to have a more pronounced and defined “derriere.” In plastic surgery, the demand for procedures to beautify the gluteus has increased markedly.

Celebrities like J LO, Beyoncé, and many others, in addition to fashion with more suggestive clothes and materials that are more adjusted to the body, have caused interest in women getting plastic surgery in Miami, especially Brazilian Butt Lift Miami.

In these times, the buttocks have definitely displaced the breasts as a feminine symbol of sensuality.

There are 2 safe methods for the increase and contouring of the gluteus.

One is the contouring of the fat deposits that are around the buttocks, creating a more particular definition of them. The fat obtained from this area, or from any other area that has been liposuctioned, is injected into the previously defined area of ​​the buttocks in order to produce an increase in volume, creating a result characterized by gluteus with a greater volume, projection, and definition that is the key to an aesthetically harmonic gluteus. This procedure is commonly called the “Brazilian Butt Lift” or by its acronym BBL. It can be combined with procedures such as tummy tuck and liposculpture.

The other method is the placement of implants or prostheses that have been designed with special features in the buttocks below the membrane that covers the muscle or within the muscular plane. This procedure can be combined with liposculpture but may increase the risk of fluid accumulation around the implant or “seroma.”

The injection of “synthetic remodeling substances” or “injectable implants” for gluteal augmentation is not recommended because they produce important complications both in the short and long term. These complications are practically irreversible and difficult to repair.

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