5 Ways of Choosing the Right Cardiologist in Kolkata

It can be upsetting even to think that you need cardiologist consultation.  It can be more intimidating to switch to other cardiologist after a wrong referral experience. Recommendations from your friends or from family can help you have the idea of the available heart specialists nearby, but it is always wise to do your own research to find the right cardiologist in Kolkata.

Cardiologist in Kolkataa

Here’s how you can do the research-

Recommendations from doctors:

There may have hundreds of heart specialists in your location, but choosing the right one could have been difficult. If you have non-emergency situation, it’s advisable to take recommendations from your family doctor- the person who knows your health better, is the best person to take advice from. Your doctor has come across a lot of cardiologists and, knows who is best in what area. On the other hand, internet is also very powerful to get information about doctors. Check out the website of the doctors and find out about his history of practices and accreditations.

Find nearby doctors, if you can:

Few people believe that it’s wise to go outside Kolkata for better treatment. Kolkata is booming with high-tech treatment procedures and it’s no less than the city known for the best treatments in India. Hence, it’s not always necessary to move to distant to find the cardiologist. When you choose local heart care specialist, you will always know that you can get in touch with him at that dire moment.

Choose the right doctor based on your need:

Selecting cardiologist in Kolkata based on your friend’s recommendations isn’t always a good idea. Chances are that they are having different heart issues than you. Everyone doesn’t have same problems. The best way to find out the right doctor for your issue is to communicate about your particular problems beforehand the appointment. You can also check the website of the doctor to find out his area of expertise and then you can book your appointment.

Know the experience:

Knowing a heart specialist’s years of experience is crucial to understand his potential. Do not hesitate to ask his years of experience or how many times he has anticipated in critical operations. If any doctor has got media coverage, that means he has earned enough accolades from his critical operations and you can rely on him.

Do not choose based on gender:

Women tend to prefer female cardiologist, but gender shouldn’t be the parameter in deciding the right heart specialists or even any other doctor- because if women with heart disease only saw female heart specialists, half of the women wouldn’t get treated.

Finding a heart specialist in Kolkata is not a rocket-science, but finding the right one is challenging.  When you choose Dr, Tarun Praharaj, you can rest assure of being treated with utmost concerns.

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