Two Truths and Lie About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Staten Island, NYIn this day and age, the last thing you want to experience is pain, swelling, or tenderness in the joints in your hands when you are typing on the computer or trying to write a text message on your phone. However, because we are putting our hands and fingers at more of a risk of injury, it can seem like more and more people are developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you have just been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or think that you may have it, you may find a whole lot of unreliable information about it. To help you feel more confident and informed about carpal tunnel syndrome, we have created a list of two truths and a lie about this condition. Let’s take a closer look.

Truth: Anyone Can Get It

You don’t have to be a factory worker or someone who sits at their desk all day and types to get carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, anybody can get it. Although certain activities make you more prone to getting it, don’t think that if you don’t work at one of these jobs that you are scot-free.

Truth: It Causes Tingling and Numbing

One thing that some patients who don’t’ have carpal tunnel syndrome aren’t aware of is that although it can be painful, it can also cause symptoms like tingling and numbing in the hands, fingers, and thumb. If you haven’t been diagnosed yet but experience these symptoms on a regular basis, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician.

Lie: The Only Treatment Is Surgery

Although treatment may be the best solution for some carpal tunnel patients, it’s certainly not the first choice we recommend. In fact, some patients can find full relief from their symptoms by making small adjustments like icing their hand, taking NSAIDs, wearing a wrist brace, and going to physical therapy.

Now that you know a few basics about carpal tunnel syndrome, let us help you find relief from your symptoms. Schedule your consultation at our Staten Island office today. Call us at (718) 608-1111.

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