How to Differentiate between Panic Attack and Heart Attack?

Have you ever suddenly experienced that your heart beating fast, excessive sweating, nauseated or breathing problem? -Chances are that you might have had heart attack or panic attack. How these two attacks are different from each other?  Well, a heart attack is when the heart gets collapsed or malfunctioned and panic attack is when you get anxieties out of nowhere. Remember, neither of these are matter to be taken lightly.

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If you ever had such symptoms, finding the right cardiologist is the wise option. Despite of having seeming similarities, you can always learn to distinguish between these two types of attacks. Let’s a take a look-

  • People describe panic attacks to produce more symptoms to that of heart attack. For an instance, anxiety attacks often cause body-wide sensation, which in contrast, heart attack is described as more constricting.
  • Panic attacks often cause hyperventilation, quite similar to heart attack. However, in case of panic attack you have time to allow your body to adjust with the sudden changes- you can normalize your breathing and calm down yourself. In case of heart attack, people usually don’t get much time to even recognize as the symptoms don’t subside easily.
  • In anxiety or panic attack most people feel like puking or uneasiness in the stomach that most people don’t do. This feeling can be very intense at times that you might not feel during heart attack.
  • Usually, in case of panic attack the pain occurs in the middle of the chest that eventually passes through left arm and to the back side. The pain may rise and suddenly falls.
  • As a rule, people may also experience sweating and fast breathing.
  • Panic attacks usually don’t cause people to pass away. People often become unreasonably anxious that creates uneasy sensation in the body. Although you might feel like passing out, but most people don’t. However, exceptions are there.

There’s a fine line between panic attack and heart attack. Because the symptoms are very similar to each other, many people end up in emergency department in the anxiety of having heart attack. Fortunately, professional heart specialist in Kolkata can easily distinguish the right issue and treat accordingly.

Can Panic Attack cause heart Attack?

As you know, panic attacks occur when you experience sudden feelings of anxieties and it has no connection with the malfunctioning of your heart. Unless you have records of poor heart functionalities, panic attack don’t really cause heart attack. However, if your heart is not in god state you might have frequent panic attacks or a panic attack may stress your heart.

Now when you know the difference and you feel like you have been experiencing panic attack or heart attack lately, book your appointment to a renowned cardiologist in Kolkata Today!

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