Your Dentist in Tysons Says Be Empowered – Improve Your Oral Health!

man smiling while eating saladIn honor of National Men’s Health Week, your dentist in Tysons is encouraging you to be empowered and take control of your oral health. If you’re wondering how, then you’re invited to read on to learn some helpful tips that will not only prevent dental problems and improve your oral health, but will also enhance your total wellness.

Serious Health Challenges Facing Men

One of the purposes of men’s health week in Tysons is to raise awareness about the many health issues that men are facing and to reverse some of the trends that contribute to the demise of their oral health.

Here are the obstacles they are facing:

  • Men are less likely to visit the dentist regularly than their female counterparts.
  • Statistically, men are less likely to perform their oral hygiene routine on a consistent basis.
  • As a result, men are more susceptible to gum disease and are more likely to go on undiagnosed and untreated.
  • Because men are less likely to take preventive measures, they are more vulnerable to health issues that require medications. Consequently, they are more likely to suffer from dry mouth.
  • Men are more likely to be smokers; therefore, collectively, they are at a greater risk for heart disease, oral cancer and HPV.
  • Another dangerous commonality is that men are less likely to wear a custom mouthguard when participating in sporting events, which leaves them more susceptible to dental emergencies.

Although the obstacles that men are facing may seem steep, there is still a way for them to experience better oral health.

How Men Can Fight Back

Men don’t have to be helpless victims to the many oral health challenges they face. Here are some simple ways to turn the tables around:

  • Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene – Many of the problems listed could be thwarted by simply brushing and flossing on a regular basis. This, when consistently and correctly done, removes a great deal of the harmful bacteria that populate your mouth.
  • Better Food Selections – The foods you eat can either serve to enhance your oral health or harm it. Snack foods, for example, attract more bacteria to your mouth that look to feed on the abundance of sugars that are present. Conversely, when you eat more vegetables and fruits, they help to make your mouth more alkaline, which makes for an unfavorable environment for bacteria to flourish.
  • Maintain Regular Dental Visits – A final step that can prevent gum disease in Tysons and the many other oral problems facing men is to maintain regular visits for checkups and cleanings. These semi-annual appointments are key elements in the fight against dental health problems because they provide you with a clean oral cavity and allow your dentist to look for signs of any problems. If there are any lurking, then by detecting them early, a less invasive plan of addressing them can be formulated and executed.

So now that you’re better informed, you’re challenged to take the next steps in improving your health by reaching out to your local dentist to schedule an appointment today!

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A graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Dentistry, Dr. Farshad Farhoumand has been providing patients with expert care for nearly four decades. As an active member of the prestigious Seattle Study Club, he’s still eager to expand his knowledge to build on the level of excellence that he’s set at Avanti Dentistry. To turn your oral health around, you can reach Dr. Farhoumand through his website.

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