Need some career advice

Hello r/biotech!

First time posting on here. So I graduated last May with a BS in Biological and Biomedical Sciences from RIT, with two years doing some academic research performing PCRs and ELISAs.

I also managed to get two summer internships at a biotech in Seattle running cytotoxicity assays, cell binding assays and flow cytometry. I’m currently back in my hometown in SoCal working as a lab tech in an oncology clinic doing basic specimen handling and processing, going on 9+ months. I just feel like this current job isn’t for me. I am very interested in manufacturing/QA but I don’t know if anyone would even look at my application since my experience is so scattered and sparse. I also wanted to go the RA route but I heard the ceiling is pretty low due to the lack of a higher education. Let me know what/if any input you guys may have. Thank you!

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