Hey students considering private university

Please please please find your university financial affairs person and tell them “I really like this school but I’m not sure I can afford it. Can you offer me a scholarship?”

Private universities artificially inflate their sticker prices because they hope suckers will pay them without questioning it. 89% of college freshman at private colleges get roughly half of their tuition off (source). THAT SHOULD BE YOU! You are not supposed to pay full price unless your rich parents are paying or you enjoy being exploited! Negotiate! Compare scholarships to other schools! Communicate with other students in the program to see what scholarship they got! Ask questions about average salaries grads earn! Calculate how long it will take to pay back your loans! Demand data about former grads, and how long it takes them to pay back their loans! 10 years is too long! 

Do NOT leave all the scholarship money to the privileged kids who KNOW they are supposed to get a huge discount, and then tell you to shut up because talking about money is “rude.”

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