The Importance of Practice Personality

You are a well-trained, proficient expert in the dentistry field. That should be enough to bring patients through the door, right? Wrong. Your degree and shingle alone may give you professional credibility, but that’s not the only thing people consider when looking for a new dentist. The truth is, your practice personality probably carries more weight than your credentials.

What is “Practice Personality”?

Simply stated, your practice personality is what lets people know that there is a living, breathing, human behind your mask and your website. Essentially, you are your brand, which means that your face, interests, daily interactions with patients, and overall humanity need to be evident in all of your marketing efforts. All of these make you appear to be approachable, relatable, and amiable — all of which are selling points for people who are interested in feeling comfortable and cared for while they’re at the dentist.

What Do You Want To Project?

In order to answer that question, you need to be able to choose your intended audience: Who is your ideal patient? Once you commit to that idea, you know exactly who to appeal to. Are you trying to phase out young children in your practice? Use pictures of yourself interacting with your adult patients. Want to convey a whimsical image? Use pictures of yourself hamming it up with your team. Do you want to appeal to a higher quality of patient? Stick to pictures that show how your office is ideal for busy professionals.

Find the Perfect Fit

Ultimately, making sure that your personality is an example of what your patients are looking for is a surefire way to optimize your chances of finding the perfect fit (and vice versa for your patients). Those who like what they see when they view your digital image (and get what was “advertised” by the practice personality you projected) are more likely to stay loyal, leave good reviews, and spread the word to friends and family. If your practice personality appeals to millennials but you’re more interested in implant patients, the twenty-somethings who come to your practice are more likely to leave feeling duped.

Even if you’re slightly off-target with your ideal audience, portraying an accurate practice personality will appeal to more people. Consider your personality in everything — from the colors and photos you use on your website to the images and wording you use on Facebook or other frequented social media sites. Doing so will help your patients (current and prospective) find a way to make a connection with you and your practice.

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