Why You Should Avoid Butt Injections at All Cost

Even if you work out regularly and consistently eat healthily, you may still not have the appearance you want and deserve. Unfortunately, that is just a part of life, gravity, and genes.

However, we are lucky enough to live in a world where we have options readily available to help give us our desired look, especially if our desired look is a curvier figure.

At Livingston Plastic Surgery, we conveniently offer affordable options that allow individuals to successfully change their buttocks, giving it more mass and volume. While there are safe and healthy treatments that can easily accomplish this goal, there are also procedures that should be avoided at all cost.

Specifically, it is highly recommended that you avoid butt injections—and here’s why.

First and foremost, butt injections have not been approved by the FDA. If this fact doesn’t scare you, it should. It’s sad but true: There are scam artists out there who will willingly take advantage of you. Simply put, a licensed, board-certified professional would not even consider butt injections as an option to gain a curvier figure. And, quite frankly, who wants to have a procedure performed by someone who isn’t licensed and board-certified? Forget that it’s not safe, but it’s also not legal.

Further, butt injections have been known to be extremely painful and aren’t even guaranteed to last. Not only will you feel pain throughout the procedure, but once it’s over, it’s common to experience bruising, discoloration, and difficulty sitting.

As for lasting results, no long-term studies have been conducted to determine how long butt injections last, or what sort of effect they can or will have on your body over time. Some experts have contemplated whether the body will eventually reject them, leading to possible health issues.

Not to fear, though. As mentioned above, there are options for getting the butt you’ve always wanted. Depending on individual needs and goals, Dr. Livingston offers a procedure known as the “Brazilian butt lift.” The Brazilian butt lift (or BBL) is an affordable, effective, and convenient treatment that will finally allow you to be proud of your backside.

To successfully accomplish the Brazilian butt lift, fat is removed from other regions of the body, usually via liposuction, and then injected into the buttocks. The fat is layered slowly and carefully, ensuring the desired shape is present.

Many do not know this, but the Brazilian butt lift procedure can be performed on men and women. While it is often assumed this cosmetic treatment is just for women, that is simply not true. Men can and have had the Brazilian butt lift procedure performed.

As such, any of the following individuals could be ideal for a buttocks augmentation:

  • Those who can’t achieve their desired look with diet and exercise
  • Those who wish to have a more proportionate appearance
  • Those who want a fuller or bigger backside
  • Those who want a more sculpted backside

The best patient, regardless of the type of surgery in question, is mentally, physically, and emotionally stable. It is also imperative to have realistic expectations following the surgery.

During the consultation, Dr. Livingston will ask you questions regarding your goals and medical history. Then, he will better assess if the Brazilian butt lift is best for you and your needs. During this time, you will also have a chance to discuss what to expect before, during, and after surgery, as well as how to properly take care of yourself post-procedure.

It generally takes patients three to four weeks to recover, while results often form between two weeks to three months, depending on the individual. Patients usually go home following surgery, wear support garments to assist, and only experience swelling and bruising for a short period of time. Before you participate in any strenuous activity, such as intense gym workouts, it will be best to consult with the doctor. You don’t want to do anything that could potentially cause an injury or delay your results.

After the surgery has been completed, it will be imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle via diet and exercise. By staying healthy, your results could be more noticeable and last longer.

If you are unhappy with your appearance, specifically your backside, why not change it? Don’t go through life unhappy or self-conscious. Do something positive and finally allow yourself to feel good and confident.

To schedule a Brazilian butt lift consultation with Dr. Livingston in Houston, TX, contact the professional staff at Livingston Plastic Surgery today by calling (281) 501-1812.

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