The Deal with Digital Dentures

Digitally created dentures are produced using 3-D printing technology.  Digital dentures are constructed very quickly and require just a few appointments to create the perfect denture. Made from cured resin and condensed in the process, digital dentures last longer and are inevitably more satisfactory than traditional dentures.

Your Dentist takes impressions and scans them into a computer creating a digital file.  After creating the digital file, a virtual 3-D image of the denture is ready for the dentist to review.  They can make any desired modifications, opt for a try-in denture, or order the final prosthesis.


The Benefits of Digital 3-D Printed Dentures

  • Fewer Appointments: About 2-4 visits are necessary throughout the whole process.
  • Technological Precision: Digital technology is the best option for getting impeccably fitted dentures and requires very few modifications after the dentures are received.
  • Perfectly fitting dentures suction to the gums with more accuracy eliminating the common problems that can occur with traditional dentures like pain and difficulties chewing,
  • Customization: Personalize the design of your dentures transforming your smile into the smile you’ve always wanted.
  • Economical: The overall cost of digital dentures is lower because of the efficiency of the design allows for fewer visits to the dentist.
  • One Set Of Impressions: With traditional dentures, if the denture becomes damage or gets lost, the impressions have to be retaken. With digital dentures, there is a digital record of your impressions so that new dentures can be conveniently reprinted directly from your file.
  • Less Odor: The high-quality non-porous resin material that is used to produce these dentures makes it very difficult for bacteria to cling to the denture, which helps to prevent bad breath commonly known as “Denture Breath.”
  • Do Not Stain As Easily: The non-porous resin is highly repellent to staining which is not the case with traditional dentures.


Digital dentures are an innovative and appealing option for people exploring dentures. For more information, please contact Implantation Dental Center today.


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