Can exercise help in reducing the chances of heart diseases?

When it comes to heart surgery, people often search for the best cardiac surgeon in India but the better way out is to avoid this situation and stay away from heart problems by making some lifestyle changes and including exercise as a part of your daily routine.

Here, we are going to provide you a list of exercises that you can do to prevent heart diseases. Mentioned below is the list:

Aerobic exercises

Running, jogging, cycling are some of the common exercises that one can do for a healthy heart. These exercises will increase the heart and breathing rate. But it is really important to control the speed of running or cycling. A test for this is that you should be able to talk normally while running or cycling. Some of the other less strenuous exercises include walking and swimming.

Top heart surgeon in Delhi recommend that running is the best exercise and can reduce the chances of many heart diseases. As per Harvard study, walking for 30 minutes daily helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases by 18%.


Stretching should be done after a normal work out when you have warmed up. Doing stretching exercises help in increasing the flexibility of the person. It should be done gently to avoid any injury to the muscles and ligaments

Strength Training

 This can be done using weights or bands etc. Pull ups and push ups also helps in strengthening the muscles. Strength exercise helps in reducing the blood pressure and also control the blood glucose level. In a Harvard study, it was proved that lifting weights helps in reducing the chances of heart diseases by 23 percent.


Yoga also helps in reducing the risk of heart disease. It helps in reducing the cholesterol level and blood pressure and also reduces stress & anxiety. It is estimated that doing yoga daily for some time has helped in reducing the cholesterol level in 23% of the cases. There have been improvement in heart diseases in 43 to 70 percent cases.

According to a renowned cardiac surgeon in India, strength exercises should not be done daily but twice or thrice a week. Break should be taken in between so that there is no fatigue to the muscles.

What is the ideal exercise time?

American Heart Association recommends that for a normal functioning of the heart, one should do 150 minutes of exercises in a week, which means 30 mins of exercise for 5 days.

How should you do the exercise?

These exercises should be done gradually; you should not do a strenuous exercise but start with a light one. Moreover, you should not be doing the same exercise daily but should mix several types of exercises.

Precautions while doing exercise

It is important to do exercise for a healthy heart but you should take proper precautions and should note any physical changes occurring in the body due to exercise. One should consult a doctor if he is facing any pain or pressure on the heart. Any drastic change in the vital stats of the body should be taken care of.

There are many exercises that can be used, however, it is important to choose the exercise that best suits your body type, as suggested by top heart surgeons in Delhi.

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