2018 Colorado Volunteer Awards and CE Course

Dental Lifeline Network • Colorado awarded top volunteers in its Donated Dental Services (DDS) Program at a continuing education course in partnership with the Pacific Dental Services Foundation. Award recipients represent the spirit of compassion, caring and dedication to helping vulnerable individuals in need of dental care as they continue to support Dental Lifeline Network.

Dr. Steven R. Nelson, DDS, MS, president of the Dental Lifeline Network • Colorado Board of Directors, presented the awards before a CE course titled, “Treating Patients with Special Needs” held at Peebles Prosthetics and facilitated by DDS volunteer Dr. Jacob Dent.


2018 Colorado Volunteer Awards

Pickle Prosthodontics

Prosthodontist Dr. Todd Pickle, with the help of in-house lab technician Dan Elfring, has donated over $128,000 in dental treatment since joining the program in 2009. Dr. Pickle is one of the very few prosthodontists in the Colorado Springs area who does larger medical cases for the DDS program.


Outstanding General Dentist: Dr. Michael Unser

Dr. Unser practices in Lakewood and has been a DDS volunteer since 1985. He has helped 30 people through DDS alone and has singlehandedly donated over $140,000 in pro bono dental care. Recently, he worked on a very large case with a patient who had a serious illness. His volunteer work allowed for her to better her health and improve her life.


Outstanding New Volunteer: Dr. Benjamin Bassett

Dr. Bassett, a DDS volunteer since 2016, is a general dentist with offices in Centennial and Sterling. As a new volunteer, he has already donated more than $26,000 in treatment for five patients in a short time and continues to request more DDS patients!


Gnathodontics (not pictured), A large lab located in Lakewood owned by Brenda Boone and Gerald Pontash, has donated more than $81,000 in lab services since 1992.


Continuing Education Course

Recipients and others in attendance for the awards also attended the free “Treating Patients with Special Needs” continuing education course, in partnership with the Pacific Dental Services Foundation. Dr. Jacob Dent of Sugarland Modern Dentistry in Texas, is recognized as a subject matter expert in special needs dentistry. Dr. Dent has been a DDS volunteer for DLN since 2004.

To learn about more about our volunteer awards, as well as about CE courses DLN is offering in a state near you, visit our blog and sign up for our newsletter.

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