New Mechanical Heart Valves For Babies

Heart disease isn’t just for grownups. Unfortunately, babies and children can be born with or develop heart disease, too. Although age is a contributing factor to developing heart disease, it isn’t the only factor. Last month, there was great news in the heart health world – the FDA approved the world’s smallest mechanical heart valve for newborns and infants! Developed by Abbott Laboratories, this valve is called the Masters HP 15mm mechanical heart valve. Doctors can now use this to treat newborns or infants in need of a mitral valve or aortic valve replacement.

This announcement is truly a big deal. Before last month, heart valve surgeons had to use larger-sized valves, which were often unsuitable, on young children. Many children need this surgery. In fact, almost one in four children who live with critical heart defects may require surgery in the first year of their lives.  Around 40,000 babies are born with heart disease, known as congenital heart defect, each year.

This new valve is appropriately sized for a tiny body; it’s about the size of a U.S. dime. Doctors will be able to perform mitral valve surgery and aortic valve surgery on infants and babies using a mechanical valve that is the right size for their bodies. It is an exciting time to be a heart-valve surgeon; we have a new piece of equipment that can be a life-saving treatment option for newborns and infants.

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