Perfect Smiles? Cosmetic Dentistry in Mechanicsville MD

Cosmetic Dentistry Gives Mechanicsville Residents Perfect Smiles

At St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville, we love it when our patients find renewed confidence after cosmetic dentistry gives them a whole new smile.

There have been countless advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry in recent years, and you may be surprised to find out what your dentist can do for your smile.

Teeth whitening is a common procedure in dental offices, but the results can be wonderful! Brighter teeth can be the centerpiece of your new, youthful look. St. Mary’s Dental offers in-office procedures and take-home kits.

Porcelain veneers are designed to cover the front of the teeth and are custom-made for each individual patient. These are useful for people who have chipped teeth, stained teeth, or gaps between teeth that they would like to repair.

Cosmetic bonding is a way to repair one or two teeth. Using a tooth-colored material, we can cover little flaws, like stains, chips, cracks, or gaps.

Clear braces, sometimes called invisible braces, are another way to achieve an outstanding smile. We offer Invisalign clear braces. They are so inconspicuous, people standing just a few feet from you won’t even know you’re wearing them.

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your smile, call our Mechanicsville MD office today to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options. Now is the time to get the smile you’ve always wanted, and St. Mary’s Dental is here to help.

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