Right Side Chest pain? Don’t ignore & stay informed

People are mostly aware of the relation between left-sided chest pain and heart problems. However the right-sided chest pain is not so much talked about. Remember; right-sided chest pain may also indicate a series of health problems.

Talk to a cardiologist in Kolkata if you experience such problem. Keep in mind, pain in your right chest may result from inflammation or direct injury.

Right Side Chest Pain

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According to the health professionals; right-sided chest pain is generally caused by a number of health conditions such as –

Anxiety and stress – There is absolutely no denying stress or anxiety may trigger an anxiety attack. For the uninitiated; often anxiety attack may have the similar symptoms of that of a heart attack including –  dizziness, chest pain, palpitations, and breathing difficulty.

Muscle strain – Possibly you know this already; a number of muscles play their part in constructing the chest wall. Straining or spraining these muscles due to increased activity or stress or tension is thus pretty easy and his may also lead to uncomfortable chest pain on the right side.

Trauma – Traumatic injury, for instance, a sudden fall, a sudden chest injury, a motor accident, can damage the blood vessels, the nerves or the muscles within the chest. Remember; injuries are not always apparent hence you should consult a doctor if in case of any traumatic injury

Pneumothorax – Also known as collapsed lung a pneumothorax usually occurs when air gets into the space between the chest wall and lung. This may cause sudden and acute chest pain on the right side.

Pulmonary hypertension – this condition typically causes high blood pressure within the blood vessels which typically connect the lungs and heart. With the passage of time; this makes the heart over work in order to pump blood throughout the body. This may cause an acute chest pain.

Pulmonary embolism – this is basically a blood clot that may lodge in the right lung and can cause right sided chest pain. Other symptoms may include rapid breathing, shortness of breath, and also coughing up blood.

Usually, patients see a doctor when they don’t feel well. An annual physical check up with your family doctor is an absolute must. Don’t take your chest pain for granted.

Talk to your cardiologist in Kolkata to take care of your heart.

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