Getting to Know: Dr Ben Wang

We welcome Dr Ben Wang, Dental Surgeon with Postgraduate Training in Periodontics, into the Specialist Dental Group family.

With the addition of Dr Wang, Specialist Dental Group now has a team of 13 dental specialists/ dentists, covering six specialties, to serve our patients in an even more timely and comprehensive manner.

Dr Wang has completed his postgraduate training in Periodontics and practiced in the UK for seven years before coming to Singapore.

Here is an interview of Dr Wang for you to get to know him better.

1) Why did you choose to be trained in Periodontics (gum) rather than other specialty areas?

I’ve always enjoyed the surgical aspects of dentistry. I chose a career in periodontics because it was a specialty associated with great finesse, delicacy and skill in terms of soft tissue management. Soft tissue grafting in the oral cavity is amongst some of the most difficult clinical procedures in dentistry and I wanted to excel at it.

Dr Wang at the graduation party with classmates of his Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree in London, 2001.

2) What are some of the gum treatments you frequently did for patients in the UK?

I was fortunate to train at the Eastman Dental Institute, London where I was exposed to a wide variety of periodontal cases. Apart from the non-surgical aspects of periodontal treatment, I performed between 150 to 200 surgical periodontal cases during my time there including:

  • Periodontal pocket elimination surgery.
  • Periodontal regenerative surgery.
  • Periodontal soft tissue grafting surgery.
  • Periodontal crown lengthening surgery.
  • Implant placement surgery often in combination with bone grafting.
  • Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis.

Dr Wang at the European Federation of Periodontology Symposium to present his research thesis in Dublin, 2017. In the middle is Professor D’Aiuto, current head of the Periodontology Department at the Eastman Dental Institute.

3) Share with us something that is not widely known about gum treatments.

Most teeth with mild to moderate periodontal (gum) disease can be stabilised with good oral hygiene and meticulous professional cleaning alone. Often only the odd few areas with advanced disease in the most susceptible patients require periodontal surgery. So, the best strategy is prevention by making our patients aware of the importance of plaque control and regular check-ups.

4) What made you decide to move to Singapore?

I came to Singapore when I met my current partner who has settled in Singapore for over 13 years. We decided to make Singapore our home because of its welcoming nature, diversity, robust legal system and meritocracy ethos. When I first visited Singapore, it felt like a perfect mix of Western and Eastern culture. I am also fluent in Mandarin so there was no language barrier.

Dr Wang and his partner who has been living in Singapore for nearly 15 years

5) If you didn’t become a dentist, what do you foresee yourself doing?

I always thought fine watch making was another potential career option.

6) What is your favourite dental quote?

“You don’t have to brush and floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep” 🙂


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