March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month!

Image result for colon cancer awarenessIt’s our favorite time of year – Colon Cancer Awareness month! This is the time when we all join together to spread the word that early detection is the cure to this dangerous disease.

Colorectal cancer continues to be in the top five of all cancers in the United States, affecting both men and women. It’s estimated that more than 130,000 Americans will be diagnosed this year. But there’s good news – with preventive measures, especially early detection – we can fight this cancer head on and get these rates down.

Here’s how you can help:

Get Screened

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, but getting screened is the absolute number one way to survive colon cancer. Most doctors recommend a colonoscopy starting at age 50 to look for polyps or any other abnormalities within your lower tract. Although if you are at a higher risk, your doctor might suggest starting closer to age 40.

Who’s at a higher risk?

Folks with a family history of the disease are the most likely to also have the disease, so it’s important to talk with your family about their medical history. African Americans also have a higher likelihood of colon cancer, along with people who smoke, have had other digestion issues, eat a low fiber diet and have a sedentary lifestyle.

Look for Symptoms

Along with regular screenings, pay attention to your body and your bowel movements. Watch for blood or any changes in your stool that last for an extended period of time, including diarrhea and constipation. Even simple symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, weight loss and abdominal discomfort can be signals that something is wrong with your lower tract.

Get Involved

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance has so many resources for getting involved in this fight, from their famous Undy Runs to simply making a donation, there’s a way for everyone to show support.

While colorectal cancer affects the lives of more than 140,000 Americans every year, it is preventable. With this in mind we have made it our mission to end the disease within our lifetime.

– Colorectal Cancer Alliance

Get Informed

The best prevention is education – when you know the risks and the preventive methods, you can arm yourself against this deadly cancer. The Colonrectal Cancer Alliance has endless resources where you can learn statistics, risk factors, treatments, ongoing research, fundraising opportunities and events.

Colon cancer, when discovered early, is highly treatable. Even when diagnosed at a later stage, there are many options to help you knock out this disease

– Colorectal Cancer Alliance

Colon cancer is not an old man’s disease. This cancer affects people of all ages, backgrounds and health profiles. Your best weapon is early detection – get screened as soon as you can.


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