How to pick the right facial procedure for you

If you’re considering facial surgery but you’re not entirely sure which is the best procedure for you then you will find the information contained in this article extremely useful.

Below are some of the most common facial procedures and who can benefit from them.


A facelift is a surgical procedure where the skin on the face is tightened in order to smooth it out and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. There is more than one type of facelift, with a full facelift being the most common. However you can also get a mid-facelift or a mini facelift depending on what it is you want to achieve.

Is it right for you?
To be a good candidate for a facelift, you should be in good health and have a good amount of skin elasticity. Facelifts are most commonly performed on people between the ages of 40 and 70 but they can be performed on younger patients too.

Brow lift

A brow lift, sometimes called a ‘forehead lift’, is a procedure where the skin on the forehead is tightened in order to reduce the appearance of frown lines i.e. the deep lines that appear on your forehead with age. By eliminating these lines, you can achieve a very naturally youthful appearance.

Is it right for you?
If you’re unhappy with lines on your forehead and want to soften your facial expression while also making your eyes look more youthful then a brow lift could be the perfect procedure for you.

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty to give it its correct name, is a procedure that’s used to remove excess skin from around the eyes in order to achieve a more youthful appearance by eliminating wrinkles and fat.

Is it right for you?
If you are unhappy with lines and wrinkles around your eyes; or you feel you have excess skin or fat in this area then you might well be able to benefit from eyelid surgery.

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If you’re interested in any of the procedures mentioned in this article then the first step is to book a consultation with Dr Collins. At your consultation you’ll be able to discuss things in detail and have all your questions answered.

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