What is Invisalign in Torrance?

Invisalign aligners in Torrance are clear. As an adult, your smile is important to your appearance and to your self-confidence.  You want the ability to laugh and speak in public. However, lifelong orthodontic problems make you cover your mouth. Frankly, metal braces aren’t appealing because they are so obvious, and treatment is inconvenient to your personal schedule. Great news! You do have an alternate way to a new smile: Invisalign from PCH Dental in Torrance. Drs. Maha and Amanda Hanna are your dentists expert in Invisalign. They’ll tell you if this innovative orthodontic system is right for your oral health.  A new smile may be easier to achieve than you ever imagined.


Who Qualifies for Invisalign?


Dr. Amanda Hanna recommends Invisalign for older teens and adults who have mild to moderate alignment issues such as gaps, crowding, protruding front teeth, tooth rotation, overbite, underbite and more. Invisalign appliances look like professional teeth whitening trays and are individually crafted to fit tightly over top and bottom teeth. Over the course of nine to 18 months, with one year being about average, the aligners steadily move teeth into healthier and far more attractive positions.


Plus, the biocompatible aligners are ideal for individuals who desire a proper bite and attractive smile aesthetics but wish to avoid the inconvenience and “metal mouth” look of traditional orthodontics. Your dentist in Torrance uses oral exam, digital X-rays and sophisticated three-dimensional imaging to determine if a patient can use Invisalign. From there, a treatment plan goes to the Invisalign lab where technicians custom-fabricate the 18 to 30 pairs of aligners.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign?


Besides their versatility and practically invisible appearance, Invisalign aligners fit well into people’s busy lives because of these appliances:


  • May be removed by brushing, flossing, meals and special occasions (weddings, job interviews, professional presentations)
  • Do not irritate or abrade the soft tissues of the mouth the way metal brackets and wires can
  • Simplify home oral hygiene and professional cleanings at PCH Dental
  • Place no dietary restrictions on patients
  • Need no complex or lengthy adjustments


In fact, Invisalign patients just check in with Dr. Hanna every four to six weeks. They receive their next pairs of aligners, wearing each pair for approximately two weeks, 20 to 22 hours a day, before changing to the next set in the treatment plan.


As with traditional braces, Dr. Hanna recommends Invisalign patients wear retainers after completion of treatment. This simple oral appliance keeps teeth in their new alignment.

Do You Think Invisalign May Work for You?


Why not find out? Over the years, thousands of people have benefited from orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. Contact PCH Dental to arrange an orthodontic consultation and get all your questions answered. As an adult or older teen,  you can still have that fabulous smile you have always wanted. Invisalign makes it so easy.









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