Avoid Heart Attack During Winter – Tips You Should Consider

Let us start with the most obvious question – Is winter a risky month for heart attack?

Recent study reveals, heart attacks are typically common in the winter season. Those that occur during the colder months are also fatal. Let’s understand the relation between colder months and heart attack from a layman’s point of view –

It’s pretty much logical for your heart to work harder to keep you warm when the temperature drops outside. Hard physical labor further adds to the strain, causing fatal heart attacks.


The issue of ‘hypothermia’ may also trigger a heart attack. In fact; Heart failure stands as one of the leading causes of death in hypothermia cases. Hypothermia occurs when the body starts losing its normal temperature, which is why it is important to dress appropriately for the season, if you plan to be outdoors in the cold chilly days.

Let us now talk about the biological risk factor that also contributes to heart attack during winter. The cold weather causes the blood vessel to contract and this in turn raises the blood pressure level while increasing the risk of heart attacks.

Since the coronary arteries may constrict in the cold months, angina or chest pain may worsen during this time.
Whether you are impacted by all or by at least one of these factors then it may contribute to increased risk of heart attacks during the winter months.

So, what can you do to avoid heart attacks in winter?

#Tip1: Avoid drinking alcohol before you go outdoors. Keep in mind; the warm sensation of alcohol. The alcohol induced warm sensation can mask the effect of cold weather.

#Tip 2: Warm up adequately if you are heading outside for doing any hard work. Take frequent breaks if in case you have to do certain hard work outdoors.

#Tip 3: Know the warning signs of a heart attack, which includes but not limited to weakness, chest pain, nausea etc.

#Tip 4: Beat your holiday stress and daily blues by staying active during the winter months. Stay away from cardiovascular disease by leading an active lifestyle and sticking with some heart friendly exercises.

#Tip 5: Play it safe when exercising. Just like any other workout you need to prepare your body before exercising. You may start with a slow and easy session to prepare your body.

#Tip 6: Listen to your body and stop whenever you are comfortable, tired or in pain. Whether you are going for a brief walk, biking, cycling or walking on the treadmill, pay attention to the signals that your body send and stop whenever you may feel the need to stop.

#Tip 7: Finally; stay hydrated in winter especially before, during and after your work out sessions.

#Tip 8: Eat right. Yes, make a resolution to eat a whole range of foods to get the daily dose of vitamins, minerals for your body to perform at the peak rate. Eat a salt and sugar restricted diet, stay away from fatty foods, eat breakfast every day and snack on veggies and fruits instead of chips and cookies.

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