Diwali 2017 – Watch Out For the Health Risks

Diwali is upon us with all its extravaganza, fun, sight and sound. As we gear up to celebrate Diwali this year, it is also important to raise consciousness about safe and environment-friendly celebrations to make Diwali a happy and safe festival for one and all.

Here are a few health risks you need to be aware of –


The growing risk of asthma attack – During and after the Diwali celebration, doctors often witness a sharp increase in the asthmatic attack in patients. The harmful congestion in the air, the harmful gases that are released into the environment due to the bursting of the firecrackers has a direct connection with the increase in the asthmatic attack in patients. Often the early winter fog plays its part in aggravating the condition. It is thus very common among the asthmatic patients to have asthma attacks during Diwali.

The growing risk of heart health problems – During the time of Diwali, the high decibel noise caused by the firecrackers cause uneasiness in the heart patients The patients who have hypertension also experience, high blood pressure and disturbance in their sleep pattern. It won’t be out of context mentioning here, unexpected exposure to loud noise may also cause deafness and may even result in fatal heart attack.

The growing risks of respiratory problems – People with a respiratory problem are the worst hit as there’s no escape for them from the polluted air. In fact; other pollutants often cause a headache, nausea, burning in the eye along with other respiratory problems. Moreover, the harmful after-effects may also include other health hazards such as bronchial asthma, allergic bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, COPD, laryngitis, sinusitis, common cough and cold and more.

The growing risk of burn injuries- Burn injuries, which happens to be the most notorious effect of crackers also can’t be undermined.

Enjoy Diwali safely. It is therefore recommended to

  • Limit your exposure to firecrackers
  • Abstain from using the noisy crackers
  • Wear a face mask to prevent inhaling the poisonous gas
  • Wear earplugs if in case you are a cardiac or hypertension patient
  • Do not leave the firecrackers half burnt; douse them in water to ensure maximum safety

Celebrate Diwali safely! Happy Diwali!

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