Stay Cool, but Protect Your Teeth

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When the summer sun is beating down, what can you do to stay cool?

If you’re tempted to grab an ice cold soda or a tall glass of lemonade, you might want to think twice. The combination of acid and sugar in these drinks can harm your teeth. Water is an excellent way to stay refreshed and tooth-healthy. Milk is another good choice for keeping teeth strong.

What about a sports drink? Sports drinks are acidic, and many of them have a high sugar content — so they aren’t good for tooth enamel. Again, nothing hydrates like plain water, an option that never damages your teeth.

If you choose a beverage other than water, it’s best to drink it with a meal, and swish your mouth with water afterwards to reduce acidity. This tip applies to all acidic drinks, including fruit juice and diet soda.

One more thing: Acidic food and drink can soften tooth enamel, so wait at least 30 minutes before brushing. This will prevent erosion of tooth enamel over time.

The best advice for cooling down on a sizzling summer day? Grab a cold one — a cold glass of water, that is.

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