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Hayden’s Heart Monthly Beat



New Jersey

This event is almost here- JUNE 9th!! We have just a few spots left for our HEART STRONG NJ outing- register on our website under events!


On Friday, July 28, we are hosting our 5th annual golf tournament to honor Jude Solderich from Allentown, PA.

If you would like information on how to sponsor this event, or register as a golfer, please visit our website or email


Something BIG is happening with Hayden’s House- stay tuned!!!!! 


Hayden’s Holiday was formed this year as a way to give recently grieving families a chance to escape reality with the ones they love the most. We are sending six grieving heart families on a mini vacation this year. Our first family to go on their holiday lost their heart warrior in March of 2016. They spent two nights and three days with their lego-loving 4 year old in LegoLand, California and saw signs from their loved one often throughout their stay.

‘My son and I had such a great bonding time and a little step away from reality on our Hayden’s Heart vacation. We can’t thank you enough for all you did for us. Thank you! We are so grateful!’ – Heather, heart angel mama to Aiden

Contact us:

CEO- Ady Dorsett
118 Bathurst Ave | North Arlington | New Jersey | 07031

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