Dr. Honrado featured on Clevver Style

Clevver Style is not just a regular YouTube channel, Erin and Joslyn have established that since 2011. From thinking about what they’re going to have for lunch to having a beauty break, both of these girls have made sure that their channel is unique and draws everybody’s attention.

For one of their video sections called “Beauty Trippin”, for starters, they didn’t know where they were headed to, it was a surprise. Both of them thought that they were getting a wax, because a clue said “wax like you’ve never seen it before”. Little did they know what was waiting for them.

Later on, we get to see Dr. Honrado’s office, who is going to perform the procedure on them.
As Erin and Joslyn arrived to the clinic, Lauren, the receptionist, lets them know that they are going to have a professional ear wax removal.

As the video goes on, both of the girls start asking Dr. Honrado random questions like what’s the weirdest thing he’s ever pulled out of someone’s ear. Once they are more comfortable with the idea of having something inside of their ear, Dr. Honrado proceeds on explaining exactly what he’s going to do.

The procedure begins with Dr. Honrado using a tiny camera to see the inside of the patient’s ear clearer. It also gives a clear view if a person produces a large amount of wax or not. Once the doctor gets a better picture of how much wax the girls have, he then goes on extracting the wax using what he calls a “little scooper”.

Both of them describe the feeling as weird but not painful.

When both Erin and Joslyn have their ears all cleaned up, they are very pleased with the experience, even so telling Dr. Honrado that they may consider coming back some time.

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