Spread the Word: Marketing Your Practice’s Dental Technology

digital-marketing-solea-postThe growth of dental technology has pushed the industry forward in incredible ways. Dental professionals now have a number of new, streamlined ways to approach treatments unavailable without leading technology. Practices that use Solea®, a dental laser capable of reliably anesthesia-free dentistry, are able to offer patients unprecedented treatment compared to practices relying on traditional high-speed drills. However, it isn’t enough to own Solea and provide advanced treatment to your existing patients. In order to properly reap the rewards of your technology and grow your practice you have to understand how to market yourself as a laser dentist.

Effectively spreading the word about Solea’s many patient-centric benefits requires knowing how to best communicate information to patients, and where patients are going to interact with your practice.

Most patients are likely unfamiliar with relevant clinical terminology related to dental treatments. When communicating with new or existing patients, whether online or offline, avoid using jargon wherever possible. You may understand the clinical advantages of a 9,300 nm CO2 laser, but when patients are searching for a dentist they want to know that a practice has the most convenient and comfortable treatment options available. Telling a patient that you use a laser for dental treatment that enables procedures to be completed reliably anesthesia-free, pain-free and in a single visit is an easily understandable and powerful message. Knowing they can go straight back to work after a procedure without feeling numb and can have multiple procedures done in one visit instantly makes your practice a more attractive choice compared to those lacking this technology.

Today’s patients are going to interact with a dental practice in a number of different places before making an appointment. They could find your practice’s website through a Google search, browse your social media presence on popular networks such as Facebook and Twitter, reach out with a phone call, or even come by in person. Regardless of where a patient interacts with your practice it’s essential to have the right information about Solea ready to show patients you’re the best practice to fit their needs.

Solea’s advantages should be prominently featured on your practice’s website. Because of the control you have over your site’s design there’s no one set way to do this, but consider dedicating a specific page of your site to educating patients about Solea and how it creates the ideal treatment experience. Additionally you could include blog posts discussing how Solea improves treatments or displaying relevant benefits near your practice’s list of services.

Social media networks are in fact a powerful tool for dental practices to connect with existing and potential patients. If your practice has a presence on Facebook and/or Twitter be sure to regularly post about Solea’s impact on the patient experience for different procedures. Better yet, share photos or brief videos of happy patients after a treatment. Doing this not only keeps your practice top of mind with current patients that “follow” your social profiles, but also ensures any potential patients see a steady flow of patient-centric content and cheerful patients from your practice.

Using online outlets is very important for marketing your practice, but don’t ignore offline modes of communication. Make sure you aren’t the only member of your team versed in the benefits of Solea. If a new patient calls your practice inquiring about a particular service, whoever answers these calls should be trained to discuss how Solea is able to make the patient more comfortable during their specific procedure. This also applies to new patients who stop by the office with questions. By keeping your entire staff aware of Solea’s capabilities, you’ll never miss an opportunity for effective patient communication.

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