On terminologies in machine learning and other related areas

Every field speaks their own dialect. Some are here:
  • Discrete outcome regression, multiclass logistic regression, softmax, maximum entropy (MaxEnt), multinomial logit, categorical data analysis.
  • Multiple response, multivariate outcome, multiple outcome regression, multitask learning
  • Ranking with co-variates, learning-to-rank
  • Random effect models, collaborative filtering, recommender systems, matrix factorisation
  • Subset selection, feature selection
  • Binary regression, logistic regression, dichotomous regression
  • Generalized linear additive models, neural networks
  • Ordinal variables, ordered categorical variables
  • Spatial models/processes with co-variates, conditional random fields
  • Multiple binary outcomes, multivariate logistic, multilabel learning, multivariate probits
  • Features, independent variables, input variables, risk factors, explanatory variables
  • Models, machines, networks, architectures
  • Structured outputs, networked classifier, collective classification, conditional random fields

(To be continued).

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